Founded in 1999, LASEA provides reliable, efficient, and high accuracy laser solutions for industry. Lasea is specialised in high precision laser machining: marking, welding, engraving, drilling, cutting, texturing, and the removal of thin layers. Lasea applies its expertise in many sectors, including high quality watch industry and fine jewellery.

Coris BioConcept is a middle-sized company (SME) specialized in developing,  manufacturing and marketing rapid diagnostic tests.
Since more than ten years, Coris BioConcept has developed a broad range of antigen detection tests for enteric, gastric and respiratory diseases. These tests are based on the immunochromatography technology with colloidal gold particles or latex microspheres.

FLS is the ideal partner for the rapid production, prototyping and volume production of high quality parts for demanding applications. FLS provides flexible and responsive services that allow customers to access the latest methods of laser micromachining and gain a competitive advantage in precision engineering and in microtechnology .
We can machine very accurately most of the materials and complex shapes in 2D and 3D. Thanks to the precision of our lasers, but also our positioning and high precision movement, we deliver machined parts in a few days .

Created in 2009, Citius Engineering is an engineering company specialised in mechanics, electricity, in automation and in robotics. Its activites are focused on the development of industrial tools in the broadest sense : special machinery, means of production, test beds, robots, customised studies, and industrial project management. Its teams are active in industrial projects in diverse sectors such as aeronautics, space, agribusiness, automobile, defense, chemistry, pharmaceuticals.

Founded in March 2002 in Gosselies (BE) by both industrial and academic stakeholders, Cenaero's first mission is to serve Industry with ultimate flexibility and highest commitment whilst keeping its research center identity. This dual positioning implies that Cenaero performs technology transfer and provides in-depth CAE expertise to industries on a day-to-day basis but also works in parallel on other long-term R&D projects such as regional and European collaborative research programs (e.g. FP6, FP7 projects)

SIRRIS helps companies develop, test and effectively implement technological innovations. In working with our experts, you will tap their knowledge and experience, while using our high-tech infrastructure to explore the full range of possibilities offered by new technologies. This will help you make the right technological choices and rapidly turn your innovations into marketable products and services

MULTITEL is a Research Centre in scientific technology supported by a multidisciplinary team including engineers and technicians, as well as a sales structure. Its aim consists in developing and implementing innovative projects in collaboration with local and international companies. Multitel's scientific skills include voice technologies, data fusion, optic fibre applications, image processing, and computer network management. Besides its Research & Development activities, Multitel offers services in optics and telecom, and in company computer networks.