About the project

Project Acronym : MICROLAB

Project title : Lab-on-chip laser micro-manufacturing

Duration in month : 36

Start date : 1st July 2016

Call : Pôle Mecatech project

The MICROLAB project aims to develop a fully automated and flexible demonstrator solely based on laser technology for the manufacture of a complete lab-on-chip in order to provide solutions for problems that arise from the current technics employed to manufacture microfluidic devices. More precisely, the goal of the project is to develop two sub-units using laser technology; one for design creation and complex functionalization of the microchannels to both improve the flow and optimize the biological processes. The second sub-unit will be dedicated to the improvement of the chip sealing. The two sub-units will be assisted by numerical simulation to always ensure an optimal solution. The project will also provide a solution for the improvement of injection molds and real-time control of the physical/chemical properties of the flow (chemical reaction efficiency, temperature variation, ...) thanks to the integration of sensors directly in the microchannels.

Industrial objectives


The project duration is 36 months and the activities are structured in 11 Work Packages (WP), each divided in different sub-tasks. The first WP is dedicated to the definition of different key parameters, components and concepts of the project. The second stage of the project plans to develop each components or unit needed for the micro-chip achievement (WP2-WP4). The following WPs (WP5-WP8) are focused on the experimental research for the micro-processing and welding by laser, the micro-fluidic and biological testing and sensor validation.  Finaly in WP9 and 10, all developped concepts and components will be integrated in a demonstrator and validated on real case studies. For the administrative and valorisation aspects, two WP are planned during the whole project duration.